Abrasive Wheels

Start date: 24/05/2024
Cost: €80
Venue: Letterkenny, Donegal
Places Currently Available

This half-day course is designed to provide the course participants with the appropriate knowledge of the hazards and dangers of working with Abrasive Wheels. It also provides the participants with the expertise required to mount an Abrasive Wheel.

Aim & Objectives

To provide the participant with the knowledge and skills to correctly and safely mount an abrasive wheel.

Objectives / On completion of the course the participant will be able to:

• Identify the risks of using abrasive wheels
• List the legal requirements of working with Abrasive Wheels
• Select the appropriate wheel or cutting disc for the job
• To store and handle abrasive wheels correctly
• Correctly mount and use an Abrasive Wheel
• Understand the function of Abrasive Wheel Equipment (fixed & portable)

Target Audience

This course is designed for employees who have responsibility for or are required to change abrasive wheels e.g. on angle grinders, con saws, chop saws.

An employer shall ensure that an employee does not mount an abrasive wheel unless the employee has been authorised by the employer to mount the abrasive wheel and that employer shall not authorise an employee unless that employee (a) has been trained and instructed and (b) is competent to mount the wheel.

Health & Safety Legislation

  • Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005
  • Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 - 2016


• Abrasive Wheel Regulations
• Identify the hazards of working with Abrasive Wheels
• Evaluate the causes of abrasive wheel accidents
• Define the method of selecting the correct wheel for the job
• Inspection and testing of the abrasive wheel
• Guarding of the grinding and cutting operations
• Dressing and truing the wheel
• Functions of the components, flanges, blotters etc.
• Differences between grinding and cutting operations

Delivery Method

• Classroom training
• Powerpoint Presentation
• Samples of Personal Protective Equipment
• Videos
• Discussions
• Practical demonstration


½ Day


Full Safetech Certification of Attendance is provided on successful completion of the course.

Maximum Participants



Participants are Required to Complete: 

  • A short multiple choice assessment 
  • Practical demonstration involving the fitting of an abrasive wheel 

Funding Available


If you are unemployed and seeking work, you may be eligible for funding from the Department of Social Protection to cover all, or some of the costs of your training. (means depending, you may be entitled to up to €1000).

Candidates who wish to avail of this must make an appointment with a case officer in their local Intreo office, discuss their case & apply for funding. The candidate will receive a funding application form which they must sign & bring/post to us. Upon completion, we will send this back to the case officer who will then review the funding application.

Upon receiving funding approval in the post from the Department of Social Protection, candidates must then call us to reserve a place on our course. We cannot confirm a place on our course until funding approval is gained.


If employed within the private sector or are a sole trader, there may also be funding assistance available through Skillnet funding. Skillnet may fund a percentage of your training, if eligible. For more details on this, please contact us on 074 91 27786.

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