Risk Assessments

You must carry out and maintain regular risk assessments under health and safety law whether you are a large business, a small business or a one person operation. A properly conducted risk assessment helps minimise the possibility of your business harming the environment or those who work in, or visit your business.


Our Health and Safety consultants will conduct a full Risk Assessment of your workplace. Hazards will be identified and risks evaluated. After completing an initial risk assessment, it is important to maintain regular checks to ensure your business complies with health and safety requirements.

Our Service Includes:

  • Hazard Identification.
  • Implement control measures to reduce risk.
  • Liaise with client in correct operation of safety management system.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of hazards in your operation and advice on interventions to manage risk.

Conducting regular risk assessments may cost more in the short term, as you spend money to improve conditions, but you will protect yourself from the risk of fines or being sued by an employee or member of the public.

We will show you how to make risk management more effective helping you comply with the law and by reducing the likelihood of injury thus improving the efficiency of work which makes good business sense.

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