Safety Officer Services

We provide experienced and competent Safety Officers that can work for you in all industrial and construction sectors, on a part time or full time basis.

The Safety Officer function is to develop and recommend measures for assuring personnel safety, and to monitor and/or anticipate hazardous and unsafe situations. Only one SO will be assigned for each incident.


Safety Officer - Specific Responsibilities

The Incident Safety Officer works as a support officer for the Incident Commander. The SO may have assistants, as necessary, and the assistants may also represent assisting agencies or jurisdictions. Safety assistants may have specific responsibilities, such as air operations, hazardous materials, etc.



Common Responsibilities

  • Prepare a site-specific Safety and Health Plan and publish Site Safety Plan summary.
  • Identify and cause correction of occupational safety and health hazards.
  • Continuously monitor workers for exposure to safety or health hazardous conditions.
  • Alter, suspend, evacuate or terminate activities that may pose immanent safety or health danger to the workers.
  • Take appropriate action to mitigate or eliminate unsafe condition, operation, or hazard.
  • Provide training and safety and health information.
  • Perform assessment of engineering controls and PPE.
  • Comply with OSHA Standards.
  • Document both safe and unsafe acts, corrective actions taken on the scene, accidents or injuries, and ways to improve safety on future incidents.
  • Participate in planning meetings.
  • Identify hazardous situations associated with the incident.
  • Review the Incident Action Plan (IAP) for safety implications.
  • Exercise emergency authority to stop and prevent unsafe acts.
  • Investigate accidents that have occurred within the incident area.
  • Assign assistants, as needed.
  • Review and approve the medical plan.
  • Maintain Unit/Activity Log.

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