Accident/Incident Investigations

Accidents and incidents must be investigated so that the Company can understand how and why it happened and where the system failed in order to put remedial controls in place to prevent a recurrence.


Under the Health, Safety and Welfare (General Application) Regulations 1993/2007, there is a legal requirement to report an accident whre a person is unable to attend work for 3 consecutive days after the accident. There are also a number of dangerous occurrences that should be reported.

After the accident (over 3 day) has been reported to HSA, a Health and Safety Inspector may visit the Company to carry out an independent investigation as to the cause of the accident. The Inspector will expect the Company to have already completed an internal accident investigation.

Why Should Your Company Employ Safetech to conduct a Professional Accident Investigation

  • A high level of professional health and safety qualification and knowledge will be brought to the Company.
  • The various causes of the accident will be identified, photographed and documented in report form.
  • Recommendations will be provided on the steps necessary to prevent a recurrence.
  • Where necessary the investigation outcomes can be used in preparation to defend your Company against claims and compensation.

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