Every year a number of people are killed or seriously injured due to working in confined spaces, often because they are unaware of the dangers, poorly trained or do not have the correct safety equipment.

For those required to enter confined spaces, we provide a range of courses that can cover Safe Entry & Escape Breathing Apparatus; Full Breathing Apparatus; and Oxygen Resuscitation. For managers and supervisors we provide a 1 day Confined Spaces Awareness and Risk Assessment programme.


Our courses are recognised by most major organisations and we have a purpose built underground facility that can be accessed via the training room. We provide all of the specialised equipment required for the courses and can provide on-site courses for groups of staff anywhere in the UK.

Note: An advance copy of your own safe system of work for entry into confined spaces will enable us to take account of this as part of the course. If you have equipment which your delegates are familiar with, please bring it along for the exercises (tested and in good working order), otherwise the necessary equipment will be provided.

On successful completion of the practical exercise and the multi-choice assessment sheet, (and provision of an appropriate up to date medical for Full BA candidates), a Credit Card size Confined Space ID card confirming attendance will be issued.

The Confined Space code of practice is approved for the purposes of providing practical guidance with respect to the requirements of the Confined Spaces Regulations and other relevant legislation. The code of practice makes several references to training including the following – Those likely to be involved in any emergency rescue should be trained for that purpose. The training needs for each individual will vary according to their designated role. It is important that refresher training is organised and available on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about Confined Spaces, please contact us on +353 74 912 7786.

Click here for a full list of our Confined Spaces training offered by Safetech.