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PHECC First Aid Response

    This First Aid Response is designed to provide training to staff who intend to fulfil a position of     First Aider within the workplace. Participants will develop the necessary skills to deal with all injury emergencies at work and give effective life support to casualties. Our course is PHECC accredited and is run to HSA guidelines.

What is First Aid Response?
If an employee is hurt or injured, First Aid Response is the emergency treatment given on site, before professional medical care arrives. This care given at a work site can be anything from cleaning and bandaging a minor wound to performing CPR until an ambulance arrives. This course replaces Occupational First Aid.

Course Outline:
UNIT 1:  Patient Assessment
UNIT 2:  Incident Procedure
UNIT 3:   Cardiac First Response (AED/CPR)
UNIT 4:  Common Medical Emergencies
UNIT 5:  Injury Management & Shock
UNIT 6:  The Unconscious Patient
UNIT 7:  Burn & Electrical Injury
UNIT 8:  Hypothermia & Hyperthermia
UNIT 9:  Information Management
UNIT 10:  Communications
UNIT 11:  Well Being of the FA Responder

Method of Delivery:
Classroom Presentation & Discussion, DVD & Practical Demonstration

3 Days (Can be completed on consecutive days or over a number of weeks)

Maximum Participants:

PHECC First Aid Response (FAR) & PHECC Cardiac First Response (CFR) Certificate - (Both Valid for 2 yrs) Recertification of FAR must be completed within the 2 years.

Participants complete Practical and Theory Assessment.
Theory assessment is multiple choice questions.
Participants must achieve a mark of 80% or higher in each element of the assessment.

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