Food Allergen Awareness


Under the (EU) 1169/2011 Food Information Regulations 2014, food business operators have a legal responsibility to provide complete and correct food allergen information to customers. These regulations apply to all catering and retail businesses that serve or sell loose foods (not pre-packed).

The Food Allergen Awareness course has been designed to help food handlers to:
• Understand the impact of food allergy and intolerance
• Identify, manage and control the risks associated with food allergens
•  Apply the principles of practical allergen management to develop good  practice in the workplace
• Provide allergen information, with confidence.

Who needs this allergen qualification?

Everyone who prepares, serves or sells food in any type of food business needs to:
• Be fully aware of the foods that may trigger an allergic reaction and
• Know what precautions need to be taken to ensure that customers do not eat a food that they are trying to avoid.

This allergy awareness course is suitable for anyone who owns or works in:
Restaurants and pubs, Coffee Shops and Café's, Schools, care homes, hospitals, Take away outlets, markets, pop ups,  Retailers with restaurants and coffee shops, Home production and or selling food on-line, Food transport/logistics, Leisure parks and clubs, Outdoor catering events, film and TV location catering, festivals, banqueting and conferences, Transport Caterers: ice cream vans, catering vans (burgers, pizza, fish and chips etc) trains, flights and cruises within the EU.

Why is this qualification important?

  • Food allergy and intolerance are growing health concerns. They are life changing and in serious cases can be fatal, or lead to long-term health conditions.
  • Developing food allergen awareness is key to complying with the Food Information Regulations 2014 and improving business. Customers need to be confident that the information provided is complete and correct and the food that is served or sold is safe to eat.

Course information

Assessment: 20 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to be completed in 45 minutes (pass is 14 correct)
Prerequisite: None. However, the CIEH recommends that candidates should have a basic food safety knowledge (for example, the CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering or equivalent) and a minimum of Level 1 in literacy or equivalent to undertake this qualification.
ID: Official photographic form of ID is required such as a passport, ID card, driving licence etc.
Suggested Progression: CIEH Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering or Retail

Learning outcomes
• Understand the requirement to provide food information for consumers
• Understand the importance of practical allergen management
• Understand how to provide complete and correct allergen information to consumers.

Benefits for learners
• Relevant to the workplace
• Enhance skills and knowledge
• Assist in career development


CIEH Certificate

Funding Available


If you are unemployed and seeking work, you may be eligible for funding from the Department of Social Protection to cover all, or some of the costs of your training. (means depending, you may be entitled to up to €1000).

Candidates who wish to avail of this must make an appointment with a case officer in their local Intreo office, discuss their case & apply for funding. The candidate will receive a funding application form which they must sign & bring/post to us. Upon completion, we will send this back to the case officer who will then review the funding application.

Upon receiving funding approval in the post from the Department of Social Protection, candidates must then call us to reserve a place on our course. We cannot confirm a place on our course until funding approval is gained.


If employed within the private sector or are a sole trader, there may also be funding assistance available through Skillnet funding. Skillnet may fund a percentage of your training, if eligible. For more details on this, please contact us on 074 91 27786.