Stress Management


This programme is designed to help and support employees address problems created by work environment and to help employers reduce their stress related costs.

Course Overview

  • To define the concept of stress and recognise the personal and organisational costs associated with high levels of stress.
  • Identify the causes of stress and the impact on your work performance and life in general
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of stress in both yourself and other people
  • Identify a range of stress reduction techniques and coping strategies
  • Utilise methods for coping and managing stress through the development of your personal Stress Management Plan.


Defining Stress:

  • Differentiating between the positive and negative stress
  • Stress and the human body "Flight of Fight" response
  • Negative stress and impact on your work performance and life in general

Recognising Effects of Stress:

  • What causes Stress?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of Stress?
  • Recognising our own "workplace stressors"
  • The "Well Being Scale" - recognising stress in our lives

Stress Reduction Techniques and Coping Strategies:

  • "Fire Fighting" skills
  • Restorative skills
  • "Feel Good" fixes
  • Life enhancement skills
  • Positive Thinking - reframing - asserting yourself
  • Gaining control of your time and life

Personal Development:

  • Formulating a personal Stress Management Plan

What will I get from the course?

  • Understand what motivates you and the people you deal with every day.
  • Focus on what is in your control to do.
  • Understand the power of asking and of listening.
  • Know how to use specific stress reduction techniques.
  • Learn to switch off for the sake of your relationships and your health.
  • Set sensible boundaries for yourself and for others.

Method of Delivery


½ Day


Full Safetech certification of attendance is provided on successful completion of the course.

Max. No Of Participants

15 per course

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