Infection Control for First Aiders

This webinar is designed for First Aid Responders and is focused on the updated ways in which first aid should be administered whilst adapting infection control measures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Within the 'Back to Work Safely Protocol' it states:
“In the event that first aid is required in the workplace it may not be possible to maintain a distance of 2 metres. Workers with a specific role in acting as first responders should be provided with updated training on infection prevention and control principles including performance of hand hygiene and appropriate use of personal protective equipment when delivering first aid.”

To provide the participant with the knowledge and skills to safely administer first aid response whilst adhering to covid-19 guidelines.

Objectives / On completion of the course the participant will have knowledge of
• The risk factors involved
• Appropriate PPE
• Self-help and social distancing
• Adapted CPR technique
• Breathing checks 

Target Audience
Anyone who is already a qualified PHECC First Aid responder should attend this training. The aim of this course is to provide trained First Aid Responders with the knowledge and skills that will be required to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Method of Delivery
LIVE instructor led zoom session

1 hour

Safetech Certificate

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