Hazardous Materials & Chemical Spill Response

Course Aim
This course in aimed at all workers who have to operate safety procedures in relation to the storage and use of hazardous materials. Its aim is to heighten participants’ awareness of hazardous materials generally and of the particular hazards associated with the materials stored at their workplace and response to spills.

Course Objectives
Participants who successfully complete this course will:
• be able to define what a hazardous material is
• be aware of the main considerations when an accident/incident occurs
• be aware of the different international labelling systems for hazardous materials
• have examined the risk associated with the hazardous materials used in their workplace
• study the procedures in place at their premises
• have practiced using the systems and equipment available for dealing with accidents/incidents

Course Delivery
The course will be delivered over one half day, 3 1/2 to 4 hours, and will include classroom tuition, a practical skills lesson and a walk-through exercise.  A short exam of about 30 minutes duration will be given at the end of the course.  

Target Audience
This course will benefit all participants, whatever their level of experience in dealing with and handling hazardous materials. Those with little experience will be nurtured as the course progresses, while those with more experience will be given more time to participate in a practical way. Generally, the more experienced the participants, the more time there will be available for the exercise towards the end of the course. 

Maximum Participants

All successful participants will receive a Safetech certificate on completion of this course

1/2 Day

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