Fit To Work Medicals

Many employers routinely use pre-employment medical tests as part of their selection process. These tests can be a useful part of the selection process for jobs that require certain physical or mental attributes e.g. accessing heights.

It is vital that a pre-employment medical test relates exclusively and directly to the particular duties of the job and does not discriminate against people with disabilities. Employers could be liable for discrimination if they misuse pre-employment medical tests.

What are the main features of a non-discriminatory medical test?
The main features of a non-discriminatory pre-employment medical test are:

  • the medical test relates specifically to the particular duties and responsibilities of the job
  • the specific physical attributes required for the job are accurately identified
  • any assessment of a person's ability to perform the inherent requirements of the job is made after these facilities or services have been provided
  • the test only assesses current ability and does not attempt to predict any future deterioration. (The pre-employment medical assessment however, can be used at a later stage to determine any health deterioration, e.g. to determine hearing loss in relation to an industrial deafness
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